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Our Organization’s Goals and Services

We have many goals for the future of Humanitarian Research Projects. We envision our organization as a resource for human trafficking victims, no matter their needs or circumstances. Though we currently serve Los Angeles, CA, we hope to branch out and take our nonprofit nationwide. If you’d like to help us make our vision a reality, reach out today!

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Providing Relief to Trafficking Victims

Raul Raucho began Humanitarian Research Projects in 2021 to help other trafficking victims like himself. With a clear idea in mind, he founded our organization and got to work. At Humanitarian Research Projects, our only goal is to provide relief to trafficking victims in any way we can. From financial aid to shelter, we hope HRP becomes the leading organization for human trafficking aid.


Benjie Alphonso

Our Future Goals

Our organization has big plans for the future! With the help of our community, we aim to provide total relief to those in need.

Our Goals

Financial Aid

Our first priority is providing financial aid to trafficking victims to help them get out of their situations. We’d also like to give relief to those starting over or beginning a new life after their experiences.

Donation Centers

At Humanitarian Research Projects, we hope to create donation centers where we sell gently used items. The money will go to trafficking victims. We’d also like to accept donations that go directly to those in need.


HRP would like to build a cemetery for the victims of trafficking, their families, and other community members in need.


We hope to build entire communities for trafficking victims. After beginning with orphanages, we’d like to expand to additional housing and schools.